Phoenix Pure Water Window Cleaning Services
We offer residential and commercial pure water window cleaning services with water fed poles in Mesa, Arizona. We are experts with water fed poles and pure water window cleaning.
    • Pure Water Window Cleaning in Mesa, AZ

      Pure water window cleaning is a new window cleaning technique that involves using a water fed pole to clean the exterior of windows. A water fed pole uses reverse osmosis and deionized water to clean the windows rather than a squeegee. Deionized water leaves no streaks or hard water spots on the windows. The water fed pole has a hose that runs through it and at the end of the pole there is a brush that the window cleaners uses to aggitate the deionized water and help remove some of dirt and debris. This aggitation results in streak and spot free clean windows.

      Other benefits to pure water window cleaning, besides fantastic results, is a window cleaners safety. It is possible to clean up to 4 stories high from the ground with a water fed pole. This means high hard to reach areas are able to be easily cleaned with a water fed pole reverse osmosis system. This saves time and money for both our company and our customers. We offer both residential and commercial pure water window cleaning services in the Mesa metro area. Ask about pure water window cleaning today!

    • Pure Water Window Cleaning AZ

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Pure Water Cleaning in Mesa - Water Fed Pold Window Cleaning AZ

Learn about pure water cleaning below with this short video that explains the advantages.

    • Pure Water Cleaning

      We offer pure water window cleaning services that allow us to reach 4 stories high from the ground.

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